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Service was EXCELLENT! Sitters did exactly as expected, communication was great and house was in perfect order! Our animals were well cared for and I didn't have a signle worry. Being away from your animals and home is stressful, yet I knew things were in good shape.

Jodie Scott

Extremely well. Paws n' Critters provided a pet sitter who loves animals, was skilled at caring for my cat and who spent time with her. It was very evident on my return that the cat had been happy while I was away.

Cynthia Amerman

Terrific! I'd highly recommend Paws n' Critters to anyone. Brandon and Sandy are wonderful! It's a true piece of mind to have my dog so well care for while I am working.

Lisa Hart

First time we have ever used pet sitter bc our dogs are "high maintenance" and even at 10-14 years old we have only ever left with a known family member. Brandon at Paws n' Critters was GREAT! Better than we hoped for!! Definitely will be repeat customer!

Shirley Baser

Sandra was wonderful! She texted me at every visit to let me know my dogs were doing well. They hardly noticed that I was gone!

Lisa Norman

We were extremely satisfied with the care given to our cats by Brandon. The cats seemed to have been very well cared for and Brandon texted us regularly with photos. We will definitely hire Paws n' Critters on a future trip. They seem to have a well-run organization.

Jeff Jennings

Our experience with Paws n' Critters has been exemplary. We were able to enjoy our trip without the worry that our pets might not be receiving top-notch care. Sandra was communicative and responsive. Everything was absolutely in order on our return.

Linda Doughty

Julie was great! We could tell she truly enjoyed our unusual pets. She was prompt and did everything we asked very well.

The company was also easy to communicate with and use. The cost was reasonable.

Pat Penn

Bridget is WONDERFUL! One of our dogs got ill while we were away so there was new medication instructions and she gave him extra love.

Terri Garcia

Sandy and her team are wonderful to work with. Very trustworthy, dependable and my animals love them! I highly recommend them!!

Sabra Simmons

Great! Cats were happy and taken care of. They stayed in touch with me and sent me photos. They care about your fur friends!

Genevieve Le May

Paws n Critters provides invaluable service! I need to travel periodically for work and have two cats at home. My cats would not do well in a stressful kennel or boarding situation, so to be able to have them stay comfortable in their own home is really important. The sitters are great with them and I love getting updates and photos every day that I am away, also the peace of mind of having someone visit and keep an eye on things in general. The cats are always calm and happy on my return!

Kelly Michals

It's hard to find someone who can visit the house twice a day, 12 hrs apart to give my cat his insulin shots while I am away -- Sue and Sandy are wonderful with my cats, extremely responsible and professional, as well as nice people to have in my home. It takes the stress off while I am away knowing that my home and cats are in good hands. Plus I can tell that my two cats are getting great care when I come home from a trip, as they are calm and content rather than being highly stressed. Great company and people. Highly recommend!

Tracy Davis

The care my cat Bella receives from Sue and Bridget is honestly extraordinary! Over the past 3 years I’ve been working with Sandy, Sue and Bridget and it has been such a pleasure! All 3 women are highly professional and yet they have shown myself, Bella and our home such personal care. They have, as a matter of fact, seen me through an extraordinarily difficult stretch in my life. I don’t know where I would have been without their support. They are family to Bella and I now! So much so that Bella misses the girls after they’ve gone particularly when my time away has been lengthy. She loves them, she thrives under their care and looks forward to their visits! That has given me so much relief during a tough time to know she will always be okay under their care. I also have the comfort of knowing my home is in great hands. I trust these 3 women implicitly! Sandy is the consummate professional and a wonderful person to work with! I feel so fortunate to have found them upon my move to Tucson!

Diane Long

Tyler, Natalie and Brittany were excellent! They were very attentive to my two older dogs and took special care to be sure they received their medicine and food correctly as they both are on special diets. My dogs were very happy when I returned and I was very happy with the care they received. I would highly recommend them for in-home pet sitting services.

Kimberly Baum

This went exceedingly well. Our dog loves his sitters, Mimi and Rick. He pulls me to their door when he sees their house. They treat him as his own and he loves being with them. I get regular reports overnight - as to how he is doing- pictures of him sleeping next to them, show me that he is very much at home in his home away from home. This is a great service - and I've used the service- in times of emergency- and there is always a great effort to accommodate. Sandy Bates, the owner is always so very helpful. We are a long term customer.

Joshua Brooks

We were very pleased with the excellent service Sandy’s team provided. We have an elderly cat which requires insulin shots twice a day and they were up to the task. They sent us updates everyday, which also included pictures of both of ours cats, nice touch. We will definitely use their services again.

Anthony Raborn

Every night we got a little report card on how they were and they were very responsible about the heat (it's Tucson) and getting them exercise without risking too much outside time. On occasion they took them swimming in our pool ... both goldens simply love their visits. Previously we have used Sue for live in house and dog sitting and she was a rock star for us and our dogs. LOVE THIS GROUP.

Sue and Bridget tag teamed care of our two golden retrievers -- one just beyond puppy and one a senior citizen. They were so well taken care of and simply love these two women.

Marian Salzman

I have traveled extensively this past few months in the face of what has been a tumultuous year. Bridget has made it so easy for me. She takes wonderful, expert care of my cat Bella and my home. When I return home Bella is happy and healthy and my house is in perfect order! She stays in contact with me and I never have to worry about a thing. Working with her has been the one bright spot in an otherwise very difficult year! I highly recommend Bridget as well as Paws n Critters in general. They are highly professional and trustworthy!

Diane Long

I found their card in an animal clinic, which is a nice place to start.

Sandy has gone over and above previously during a season I needed the most help with my animal. She responded with urgent care and provision for both myself and my animal. I was injured in an auto accident and was refined to a wheelchair in a rehab facility for two months. They normally come into my home. In this particular situation, she kindly took my animal into her home, saved me money and my cat loneliness. She understands the nature of owners and their pets. She regularly brought my cat to visit while I was there. She also was a tremendous support to me while I needed to make some critical decisions concerning my own welfare.

Joie Hancock

We use Paws n' Critters to perform several services. My wife and I usually work 9 - 10 hour days so we have midday service to walk, feed, and play with our puppy 5 days per week. We also use Paws N' Critters when we take trips away from home. They offer overnight service on-site (at your home) or boarding services at their location. We used overnight boarding at their location for our African Grey parrot and we used the on-site service twice for both our puppy and parrot.

Brittany is the best there is. For those that love their pets the way we do, it is very easy to understand how important peace of mind is while being away from them. Brittany is honest, reliable, punctual, and knowledgeable. She is also genuine and she truly does care about the well-being of our pets.

We have been using Paws n' Critters on a weekly basis since August, 2014. Text messages are sent to the customer with status updates after each service call upon request (we receive them daily). A report card is also filled out after each service call. The company has a flexible policy with regard to cancellation requests. Staying home from work because you don't feel well? No problem, no short notice charge, just call or text a few hours in advance.

Brittany owns exotic animals and has a lot of knowledge about animals. It is comforting to have someone with knowledge and experience taking care of our pets. We really feel like we lucked out by finding Brittany when we did and we have legitimately been thrilled with the service that she has provided over the past 8 months. Our pets love her and she is a model of consistency.

We recommend Paws n' Critters very highly to those that love their pets as family and want the very best care for them while away from home.

Jared Pollack

Whenever I travel I am confident that my cats will be well cared for by Paws n' Critters. They visit my home once a day (or whatever schedule I need) to make sure Willow and Raphael are safe, secure and comfortable. They know who to call and what to do should any emergency arise. They also bring in mail and water plants if asked.

In an earlier visit, Pam used her expertise to help integrate them and socialize my cats since they'd only been together a short time. This time she even brought a couple of new toys for them. She left a detailed report of her daily visits and described what she did, such as playing with the cats. Paws n' Critters is an excellent animal care/pet sitting service. I highly recommend them.

Joan Stunz

Sofia and Sandra fed, walked and played with our dogs while we were away for several days. Our dogs seemed very content upon our return as if they hardly noticed our absence.

They were fantastic! I received multiple text updates on how the visits were going, and that was immediate peace of mind. We also received a "report card" of each day's activities (feedings, medications, bathroom activity, etc.) with details about our dogs that would only be revealed by time spent with them. The ladies went above and beyond what we expected, so we will most definitely continue requesting their services.

Yvonne Dean

Our sitters name is Shelby and she did everything we asked such as bringing in the mail, feeding the fish, cleaning the kitty box and replenishing her food and water. Along with a daily log, she also sent text messages to me and pictures of the cat to put my mind at ease.

Shelby and Brittany came to the house for a meet and greet before our first visit. Our cat, Soft Kitty, usually hides when we have company, however Shelby and Brittany were able to coax her out of hiding. Soft Kitty was reluctant but they were able to pet her and she became comfortable very quickly. Shelby definitely has a way with animals and is very sincere and attentive. We have used their services many times and my husband and I feel very comfortable that Shelby is competent, caring and responsible while we are away.

I had previously used another service while we were gone for 10 days and the sitter actually told us that she hadn't seen the cat at all the entire time - totally unacceptable! We know that our cat enjoys Shelby's visits and provides her with lots of pets and TLC. We will always request her services when we go out of town.

Thank you, Shelby and Paws n' Critters, for friendly and thorough service.

Carrie Wick

To Sandy and all the folks at Paws n’ Critters,

This is a letter long overdue from me. Sandy and her crew took care of my 3 Black Labs for the months of February and March of 2012. My dogs, while extremely sweet, are a management challenge. I have one deaf dog (Beethoven) and another with a severe seizure disorder (Cowboy). I was honest with Sandy about my big boy, Cowboy, but even I could not have predicted what a deep seizure cycle we would encounter in the month of March. I had contracted with Paws n’ Critters for dog walking and feeding & medicating my dogs when I was gone during the day.

After a particularly awful seizure, when Sandy and Jack cared for Cowboy and rushed him to my local vet in Oro Valley, I was amazed at their professionalism and calmness in the face of utter chaos. At that point I asked Sandy if she wanted to cancel my contract with her and that I would absolutely understand if she chose to do so. She never blinked and said they were fine and not to worry.

Sandy and her crew were always conscientious, on time, and I found their charges to be reasonable, especially in light of my circumstances. They truly love their work and it is reflected on my dogs faces as they light up when they see one of them coming. I will be forever grateful to Sandy and Paws n’ Critters for their care of my trio of sweet dogs. I am a snowbird and will always seek their services when I am in Tucson.

Warmest regards,

Sue Weems

Paws and Critters we so well prepared with questions and answers before we hired them, that I felt more that comfortable leaving my Bulldog with them for several days. Pam gave us consistent updates and left very specific notes on what she did for our pet. Their professionalism and commitment were excellent and I recommend them to anyone who has pretenses about leaving their loved one with other services. Thanks so much you guys!

T. Patrick

Outstanding care for my animals. I highly recommend Paws 'n Critters. This is a very personalized service yet they are professional as well. My animals mean the world to me and it was very stressful for me to leave them but Brittany made it so much easier for me with her daily updates. I am even using there services again this month. I feel confident about finally taking some vacations and not have to worry regarding the care and comfort of my animals. I think they really enjoyed Brittany's stay and all the attention and care she gave.


Sandy Bates runs a first class operation. I can absolutely trust if Sandy and her daughter, Brittany to go above and beyond the job. From the daily repot card about the duties to loving and brushing. Last trip Sandy discovered a diamond back in the safe cat enclosure, she called the fire department and rescued two of my “sons!” She is a hero!

Marilyn L.

I hate to leave my cats Roosevelt and Anna, but at times it is necessary. Roosevelt, my 14 year old male, has cancer and requires medication twice a day. Anna is a little shy around people she doesn’t know and may not eat if she is afraid. Anna took to Sandy pretty quickly...she is a good judge of people. I never worry about Roosevelt or Anna when I am away, because I know they are in good hands with Sandy and Brittany

Lisa Traynor

Paws n’ Critters has been an invaluable service for me and my cats. I travel on a monthly basis, and being new to the Tucson area, I did not want to board my cats. Paws n’ Critters are not only extremely professional, but equally important they are caring. I really appreciate the daily report on how my cats are doing. I feel assured my cats receive lots of love while I am away. I highly recommend Paws n’ Critters to anyone who values specialized care for their pets.

Lisa Kopp

I don't think I can explain how grateful I am to have found Paws n' Critters. My husband and I just recently moved to the area from out of state. We didn't know anyone in Tucson, let alone trust anyone with our precious dogs. I knew Paws n' Critters would be perfect for us from the first conversation with Sandy. Every since, Sandy and Brittany have exceeded our expectations. I love the daily text message updates nad coming home and reading the daily reports. I knowthat not only my precious Shelby and Haley are in caring hands, but so are my fish and plants and mail.

Thank you Paws n' Critters for making every vacation stress free.

Dr. & Mrs. Ross

My wife and I have owned a business for over 10 years. Our work requires us to travel a significant amount; ultimately forcing us to leave a part of our family behind. Before we found Paws n’ Critters it was a challenge every time we traveled. I am thankful to be able to say that those days are behind us. Paws n’ Critters gives us the comfort and confidence to leave our girls, knowing that they are being looked after as if we were there. The staff is fantastic at keeping us informed on how everything is going, and leaving detailed notes on their time together. Brittany has gone above and beyond expectations regarding the care and time she spends with our Pugs. I would highly recommend Paws n’ Critters to anyone who may have the necessity to leave their loved ones while traveling.

Maggie and Roxie

Sandy has been wonderful. I am able to drop Snoopy off at short notice and she takes great care of her. Even when Snoopy had a tummy ache she took the time to make her special food to get her feeling better. She always reports so that you know what is going on each day and so that you know your little one is safe. Thanks Sandy for taking care of my little peanut!

Erin C

Sandy has been great. I travel periodically for work, without much notice, and they have always been able to accommodate, even after I broke my patella in my right leg. She was available immediately to walk my two dogs Tim and Molly. They enjoy her company and enjoy her professionalism!

Matt Stuart