Cat Sitting Exercise

Paws n’ Critters seems to be getting more cats than dogs! It seems like Cats Rule!

We provide cat sitting and recommend that they get visited no less than once per day. They can get themselves into trouble even though they are self sufficient in comparison to Fido. They can probably get themselves into more mischief than you realize and what if they aren’t feeling well? It is our policy to conduct daily visits.

Our Cat Sitting Services are priced the same as the Pet Sitting Services for your area. We do not only provide filling up their food, giving them fresh water and changing their litter pan. We provide lots of scratches, massages, head and chin rubs and tons of affection!

We will play with your cat to stimulate and exercise them.

Cats enjoy a variety of stimulation/toys such as:

Medications and Injections

We also administer medications if needed, including insulin injections. Please let us know what your cat’s needs are. If they are needing insulin, then they will need two visits daily. We are ready to help you with all your cat sitting needs!

Our Rates for Cat Sitting:

Our petsit rates for cats is $24-28 per visit. Rates depend upon how far the sitter has to travel to you and how many cats you have. Charges may be higher if you have more than 5 cats in the household.


Did you know that if you are pregnant and you are handling cat litter, the feces could cause toxoplamosis.

Toxoplasmosis could result in miscarriage, early delivery, poor growth or stillbirth. Also, if a child is born with the parasite, they may develop eye problems, convulsions or mental disabilities. Some infected babies may not develop any disease at all.

Make sure you don’t take the risk. We offer a litter-box changing service for Pregnant Moms, @ $15.00 per cat litter box cleaning. You can schedule this to be done while you are home and the sitter can drop in and take care of it for you.

*This service is not the drop-in service offered for feeding/litter box change when you are away. This pricing is lower and only offered to pregnant moms, customers that can't leave their homes and scheduled with a nearby sitter and arranged at a convenient time according to yours and the sitters schedule. To receive this reduced pricing for regular visits just for cat box changes, you will need to work with the sitters schedule in your area.