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Tucson Outing Locations

Hiking with Paws!

Hiking with Paws---an easy hike in Catalina State Park.

This trail is an easy beginners trail that takes us about 2.3 miles round trip from the trail head of where we park. Catalina State Park is directly across from the Oro Valley Marketplace on the east side of Oracle. The trails that are highlighted here are well used by many bird watchers, hikers and many people bring the kids for a short hike and you see many dogs on this trail. This is ideal for almost any size dog and is an enjoyable walk. I have taken my 3 dogs on this trail and Nikki, my older dog has arthritis in her hind legs, and she does very well.

Exercise is great for any dog at any age! I am offering this outing for anyone who would like to sign-up. This is about a 90 minute outing. About one hour of good hiking and the remainder of travel time, depending upon where you live it may be shorter or longer.

We can take up to two dogs per person and depending upon your dogs size and how they walk/hike on a leash will also determine if we can do more than one dog on an outing at a time. I want this to be an enjoyable experience for your pet. It’s always refreshing to get outdoor air and enjoy a hike for exercise. Your pet will love it!

I will always try to get pictures of your pet(s), so you can see how their outing went.

Call for pricing of 90 minutes of Park time. Cost also depends upon pick-up location and outing requested.

Mt. Lemmon Hike - 1/2 day trip

On this trip we drive up Mt. Lemmon past Summerhaven, set into the back to an area where we park with several trailheads On this trail, we will take Marshall Gulch then cut around to finish on the Aspen Trail back to the parking area/picnic grounds from where we started (take a loop). he trail is approximately 3 1/2 to 4 miles roundtrip. It goes through trees with running water in the shade to nice sunny hiking areas as we move along the trail. This trail is easy to moderate. This is Ted with his backpack on. He always goes on long hikes with us and he carries his treats and water. He enjoys his hikes and looks forward to the next one. Ted has gone on some intense hikes...he thinks the one highlighted here is easy to moderate and would give it a 2 on on scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being easy and 5 the hardest.

Please call for pricing!

Running or Walking Paths in a Great Park!

David Bell Bike/Walking path a flat, paved, multi-use path looping Randolph Golf Course Loop (3 miles): From Hi Corbett Baseball Field in Reid Park, follow the paved David Bell path north to circle Randolph Municipal Golf Course. The loop has mileage markers every quarter mile, is lit at night, and has water fountains at each corner. The path winds around Reid Park at Camino Campestre and Randolph Way.

Gene C. Reid Park - 900 S. Randolph Way, Tucson, AZ 85716

This will be approximately 2 hours, it may take up to 30 minutes driving time each direction depending upon where you live. I will pick up your dog and we will be off to the park for the morning. We will run or walk (depending on your dogs fitness level) for the 3 mile loop and the we will take a rest by the large pond and running streams near the zoo and enjoy watching the ducks!

Emergency Kits for Pets

It's easy to put a medical kit together to have for your pet if you are going on walks or outings. Most people already have one in their kids sports bag, or car or home already. It's easy to modify and add a few different items that may not be in your store bought kit to help your four legged friends.

Some suggested items:

Summer Pet Care Safety

Hydration - Keeping your pets hydrated is very important especially as it gets hotter. Always provide fresh clean water daily. Standing water especially in warmer weather is a breeding ground for bacteria. If you are on walks and you don’t have a collapsible water bowl, grab a gallon baggie or use an extra poop bag to fill with water for your dog. Those are easy to stuff in your pocket to fill with water from your water bottle or from a fountain.

Exercise - Always exercise your pets in the early morning or later in the day when the sun has gone down. Exercise during the day will overheat your pets and the pads of their feet will get burned from the hot pavement or concrete. If you must walk your pet during the day to relieve them, walk them in shaded areas and on grassy areas.

Heatstroke and Sunburn - Pets can get sunburned very easily especially if they have just been shaven or have a white or light skinned pets. Pet’s fur helps to insulate them from the heat, so if you do get your pet’s hair cut, don’t cut it too short.

Never leave your pet outside in the heat during the day. Overheating happens very fast and they will need immediate medical attention.

Signs of heatstroke:
  1. Body temperatures increase to 104 - 110 F degrees
  2. Excessive panting
  3. dark or bright red tongue and gums
  4. sticky or dry tongue and gums
  5. staggering
  6. stupor
  7. seizures
  8. vomiting
Traveling and doing errands - Never leave your pet in the car. At temperatures of 82F, the temperature can reach 109F inside of a closed car in minutes. We are experiencing temperatures outside exceeding 100F...our cars become ovens! Leave your pets at home if you are doing errands.

Keeping Cool - Provide fresh cool water everyday. Hosing them down with a garden hose or wetting a towel to keep them cool. Get an inexpensive child’s pool for an excellent swimming pool for pets to wade and roll around in.

Storms and Fourth of July Fireworks - Pets do get scared of loud noises and bangs. With the monsoon season coming and Fourth of July around the corner, explosive sounds such as thunderstorms and Fourth of July sends some pets cowering. If you know your pet has anxiety there are ways to reduce their fear such as behavior modification or medication. Make sure your pets are in a safe area and won’t injure themselves during these times.