Pet CPR and First Aid

Pet First Aid For You?

Who should enroll in a pet first aid class? Everyone that loves to share their lives with dogs and cats. This is an hands on training that is a must for any pet professional, groomer, dog trainer, sitter, boarding facility, dog walker, animal shelter staff or pet retailer. When you are entrusted with the care of someone else’s pet, you need to now what to do in a pet emergency. This also gives you the peace of mind to your customers!

Why take this course? Do you love your pet? I do, that is why I felt it was important not only to my pets, but to all my customers! One of the statistics to realize is that one out of four pets would survive if just only one pet first aid technique was applied prior to getting emergency veterinary care, According to the American Animal Hospital Association. You need to equip yourself with knowledge and know how to act now in the case of a pet emergency!

What will I learn in a pet first aid class? You will learn a lot! You will learn different choking techniques, rescue breathing, three different Pet CPR techniques, bleeding protocols, heat and cold injuries, snout to tail assessments in wellness and injury. You will learn the preventative care that will save you money and you will discover how to build your pet first aid kit properly.

What will I receive after a class? You will earn a certificate to display proudly in your place of business, work place or home!

What is a Pet Tech? Sandy Bates received intensive hands-on training from Pet Tech, the first international training center trained and dedicated to CPR and first aid care for dogs and cats.

Pet First Aid, CPR and First Aid Course

PetSaver Course, includes

How to Sign up for a Pet First Aid or PetSaver Certification Course

Pet CPR & First Aid Class - January 2018 - Paws n' Critters staff, pet professionals and Melinda Malone Master Instructor.

Pet CPR & First Aid Class - August 2015 - Camp Bow Wow Staff

PetSaver Classes - January 2015 - Heidi learning how to Muzzle, Nancy learning bleeding protocols and how to bandage, Katie and Katy learning CPR and Rita learning Rescue Breathing.

Pet CPR & First Aid Class - June 2013 - Camp Bow Wow Staff

Learning hands-on CPR Techniques, muzzling techniques, bleeding protocols and more.

Pet Fair at Saddlebrooke in Tucson, AZ on March, 23, 2013.

Pet Tech Program for Instructors in December 2012, Carlsbad, CA.